Occupational Therapy Africa Regional Group

3rd OTARG International Congress Mombasa, Kenya 2003

The 3rd OTARG International Congress took place on the island of Mombassa in August 2003. 

The theme was “Grassroots contribution to OT in Africa.”

It was a fairly dangerous time in Mombassa as there had been a major bomb explosion near the Congress venue, a while before the congress took place. 

During the congress delegates were evacuated with another bomb scare. The attendance was therefore not as good as anticipated but the Congress itself was very successful. 

The costs were again covered and a comfortable profit made. It was again a colourful affair and the delegates mingled with the leaping Masai warriors during the social events.

OTARG met again and a change was made to some of the executive positions. Dan Ndiga (Kenya) was returned as Chairman, Omolade Coker (Nigeria) voted in as Vice Chairman, Rachel Kasiime (Uganda) as Secretary, Christa Meyer (Tanzania) as Treasurer, Stefanie a Tanzanian student, as Student Representative and Rosemary Crouch took over the Newsletter.

The Constitution was approved during the meeting and the next Congress was planned for Moshi, Tanzania in 2005. Christa Meyer from Tanzania was appointed as Congress





           The OTARG meeting in Mombasa