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Occupational Therapy Africa Regional Group

Occupational Therapy Regional Group - OTARG

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OTARG is a regional group of World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).

The Occupational Therapy Africa Regional Group was formed to promote Occupational Therapy in Africa by;

  • Promoting co-operation amongst OT’s and OT Associations
  • Professional ethics
  • Facilitate regional exchange through placement of OTs and OT Students
  • Facilitate the exchange of information
  • And advance the standards of practice in OT among other objectives.

Otarg which started with 9 member countries in 1996 has by 2015 grown to  17 African country members with expectation of growing bigger as more countries continue to join the Group as well.

As an African Occupational Therapy regional Group, OTARG holds a biennal Congress which brings together Occupational therapists and Non OT professionals from Africa and beyond to converge in a chosen African country to deliberate and share for the purpose of promoting the profession in Africa.

The next congress will be hosted by Rwanda in 2019.

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                                                       Member countries are shown on the map below.

The 10th OTARG CONGRESS concluded in Accra, Ghana

Congress In Pictures

Occupational Therapy: an African perspective.


Edited by Vivyan M. Alers, MSc Occupational Therapy 

and Rosemary B. Crouch, PhD Occupational Therapy.

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